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I am Ben, I'm alive,
and I'm from San Jose.
Your world can be a quiet place if you let it.
I do not wanna let it.



Jonah Baseball Love Shower

So the truth is, in the future everything will be more technologically advanced. Your fridge will talk to you, Amazon will deliver your groceries daily, and your Apple headgear will seamlessly convert your outgoing thoughts to iMessage. Then there’s my shower. Dude’s seen me at my most vulnerable, day in day out, naked and barely awake. Enveloped in perfectly warmed neon water, Jonah Baseballplaying softly in the background….

“Man… I think I’m falling in love with my shower”

Jonah Baseball makes other songs, not all about showers, that you can check over on his soundcloud. If you liked this, he said “some day [soon] i’m gonna put out some music i worked really hard on”. Nice!

Author: Joe

Post #1939

Post #1939

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fuji grid tv

—waterfall voyeur


Fuji Grid Tv | Waterfall Voyeur

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